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Federal Hocking Excels on Both Sides of the Ball in Win Versus Wildcats

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STEWART, Ohio- The Federal Hocking Lancers put the pressure on the Waterford Wildcats to create a back-and-forth game of three pointers and turnovers.

Right from the beginning the Lancers came out strong. With having won 77-50 over the Wildcats, there was no question to if Federal Hocking had played well. This now makes their record 14-3. With having ended their 2018-2019 season going 6-18, this is a huge step in the right direction.

Overall, the Lancers are definitely a team to watch out for. This game specifically showed the skill and talent of this team, which has allowed them to have such a successful season.

For this game, their team chemistry was a key aspect into getting such a dominate win. With players setting each other up and making smart passes, it allowed them to continuously rack up points on the scoreboard.

To add to their smart offense, they had a tremendous game defensively. Aggressive defense put lots of pressure on the wildcats which resulted in the Wildcats having over 30 turnovers.

Despite the Lancers playing a dominant game, the Wildcats had continuously made many errors. Although they managed to play fast and quick, it seemed as if it was almost too fast of a pace. This concluded to dribbling, passing, and shooting errors. This definitely was a key factor into why the Wildcats struggled.

Mentality-wise, the Wildcats seemed to really lack in this department. Going into the last half, it was definitely visible that there was a lack of motivation and not a whole lot of desire to finish the rest of the game. During this second half they had an increasingly number of fouls and they were a lot more aggressive towards Federal Hocking.

The Wildcats, despite having made errors, could have pulled through with a win if they had performed better in the second quarter. With having scored only seven points compared to the Lancers that scored 23. This aspect was definitely a contributing factor into the Lancers coming out on top.

Next week the Lancers hope to continue their winning season playing their next game on Friday, Jan. 31 at Southern.