Sadsquatch II Radio A Sessions

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Marietta’s extemporaneous psych-groove rockers Sadsquatch performed “Inside of You,” “Black Magic Woman,” “Wonderland,” and “About a Boy” in WOUB’s Radio A November 2019.

Made up of Seth Anderson on vocals, Nate Shahan and Jimmy Woodward on guitar, Dan Lee on bass, and Jake Dunn on drums, Sadsquatch is a sonic amalgamation of a purposefully chaotic array of diverse influences. Like an idiosyncratic antenna for a FM radio in an alternative dimension, bandleader Seth Anderson opens himself up to narrating everything from delirious, heavy-hitting Led Zeppelin-level sonic sludge to hopped up, groove-laden indie rock that borrows unashamedly from the delectable memory residue of the alternative rock ’00s.

0:01 – “Inside of You”
3:46 – “Black Magic Woman”
8:22 – “Wonderland”
12:27 — “About A Boy”

Producers: Emily Votaw, Adam Rich, Josh Miller, Evan Shaw
Audio Engineer: Adam Rich
Videographer: Josh Miller
Video editing: Evan Shaw and Josh Miller

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