Vinton County Primary 2020 Results Of Contested Races

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VINTON COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) — In Vinton County there are 8,307 registered voters, the majority (5,069) of which are listed as nonpartisan. There were no issues to be decided in this election so that left the ballots to those who chose a party. Of the 2,148 Republicans registered in the county, 1,456 voted; 633 of the 1,090 registered Democrats voted and 4 people chose Libertarian ballots.

Ryan Cain defeated fellow Republican Matthew Kight 886 to 532 to become the new sheriff.

There were five contenders for the clerk of common pleas court seat. In November, Republican Jeremiah Griffith will face Democrat Jody Coleman.

Commissioner Mark Fout retained his right to face Democrat Brett Sowers in November after defeating fellow Republicans Joseph White and Virgil Pratt.

You can get the details on the other races here: Vinton County Board of Elections

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Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until the final official canvas is completed in three weeks.