This Week From the Radio Free Athens Crew: November 14, 2020

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In the before times, Radio Free Athens’ volunteer DJs filled the WOUB AM airwaves most Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 8p.m. EDT. We’ll be back at it in time, but for now we are supplying weekly playlists and accompanying memes.

Radio Free

From Michael T.
Isolation 31: Ecstasy, Bruce, XTC

(apologies to the Bonzos) They’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in heavy rotation on your radio, promoted by your streaming service or featured on your favorite video channel. Like many other English artists who broke thru punk, crested on a new wave, then subsequently ignored by commercial radio and MTV, their influence is nonetheless far-reaching and permanent. This week’s set is for those young people who tell me “I’m not that familiar with XTC”. Now is as good a time as any. This is pop. Thanks, as always, for listening.

From DJ Grumpy Grandma 

Fellow millennials: although things are looking up, and I suspect that we have finally hopped realities into a more positive one — lately I’ve been thinking about the songs that were on the radio when I was a kid, and how my dad always said that it doesn’t make sense to be pretentious about music because ‘people like that just always seem to think music is trying to trick them into liking it.’

From R@T

This weekend’s playlist is a mixture of sad and happy. We may have lost Alex Trebek (sad) but we will have a new president come January (happy.) Other than that it is again a mishmash of stuff like bands from that other Athens. Make sure you pay attention to the lyrics in Pray for You. It might not be what you think. You stay sexy and safe A-Camp.

The Jeopardy Theme
Bill Withers- Lovely Day
Ray Charles & The Count Basie Orchestra- Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Pharrell Williams- Happy
R.E.M.- Shiny Happy People
B52s- Roam
Pylon- Crazy
Lucius- Turn It Around
Florence and the Machine- Dog Days are Over
The Jackson Five- ABC
Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
Jaron & the Long Road to Love- Pray for You
Spongebob- F.U.N.