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Athens robs the raiders late to secure a win against River Valley

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — A game that truly had all who were in the McAfee Gymnasium on the edge of their seats, the Athens Lady Bulldogs (4-13) took home a conference win against the River Valley Raiders (5-11). Not only did the girls make momentum on the court, but they also made history. Sweeping the dust off their forgotten seasons, this was the first time in eight seasons that the girls had four conference wins in a season.

Putting an end to their losing streak, the girls capitalized on their opportunity to take on the hardwood at full force. For every shot the Bulldogs made, the Raiders were able to immediately follow in their footsteps. However, only one team could take home the win in the Tri-Valley Conference Thursday night.

With a strong emphasis on consistent defense throughout the season, Athens attacked on offense. Senior, Bailey Davis, led the doghouse making four of her eleven three-point shots. Davis ended up leading the veteran squad, taking home fourteen of their points. Coupled with the iconic “Davis three-pointer” was Asa Holcombe, a freshman, and her widespread use of the court. Holcombe scored eight of the girls’ points.

Leading the matchup, the Bulldogs went into halftime with a score of 26-23. However, both teams knew there was still work to be done, and the Raiders did not ease up.

Coming back onto the court, River Valley’s leading senior, Lauren Twyman, placed numbers on the board earning sixteen total points. Twyman served as a defensive threat having seven total rebounds. Despite her efforts, the Raiders were not able to keep up with Athens’ ability to run the clock and sneak shots in.

With a final score of 38-37, the Athens Lady Bulldogs came out victorious over the River Valley Raiders. Hoping to keep their momentum and offensive drive, the girls will travel to McArthur, Ohio for a conference match-up against Vinton County (10-4) on Thursday.