Unmasking Traumatic Brain Injury with Smith Brain Connections

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When 22-year old Spencer Smith sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, physicians predicted he would spend the rest of his life in a nursing home—if he survived at all. In the eight years since his injury, Spencer has earned two master’s degrees, authored nine peer reviewed publications, and is close to completing a doctoral degree in Education at Ohio State University. Along the way, he and his family cofounded Smith Brain Connections, Inc., a nonprofit dedicating to increasing traumatic brain injury education and training for medical professionals.

On this episode of the Defining Moments podcast, co-host Joe Bianco talks to the Smith family and rehabilitation physician Dr. Sheital Bavishi about Spencer’s long journey from injury to recovery and his experiences navigating daily life as a traumatic brain injury survivor.

You can read Spencer’s story published in Health Communication here:

To learn more about traumatic brain injury and Smith Brain Connections, visit their website: