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Theatrical and Documentary Film Translations of Cancer Communication Research

Posted on: Communicating about cancer across the natural progression of the disease is challenging and complicated. In this episode, Dr. Wayne Beach reflects on his research about family communication and patient-oncologist communication and the translation of his findings in the form of theatre productions and documentary films. Beach’s work illustrates the power of moving between personal… Read More

Physician Shortages in Medically Underserved Areas: Fostering Inclusive Healthcare Through the Rural and Urban Scholars Pathways Programs

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Shortages of primary care physicians in medically underserved areas are well-documented across the United States. Medical schools are developing curricular innovations to prepare primary care physicians for medical practice in rural and urban underserved communities. On this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Sharon Casapulla and Dr. Alyssa Gerth talk about the Rural and Urban Scholars… Read More

“Defining Moments” Podcast Returns to WOUB Public Media for Season 2

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Humans tell stories to make sense of birthing and dying and everything in between. Defining Moments Podcast showcases stories about living well in the midst of inescapable illness, suffering, and hardship. Season 2, which begins Monday, May 25, features an eclectic group of guests who share moments of uncertainty, innovation, and resilience. Host Dr. Lynn… Read More

Inclusive Healthcare and Social Justice: Disrupting Racial Inequalities Through Narrative Medicine

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Racial inequalities in healthcare are well-documented across the United States. Medical schools are developing curricular innovations to reduce implicit racial bias and other forms of discrimination. On this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Tracy Shaub talks about the Open Book Project at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. The Open Book Project is… Read More

Concussion Events and the NCAA Mind Matters Challenge: Changing Safety Behaviors by Shifting Sports Narratives

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Athlete safety and concussion injuries are public health concerns. Athletes sometimes conceal injuries or delay disclosure of symptoms to avoid injury treatment protocols. In this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Alaina Zanin links failure to disclose injuries to sports narratives in the U.S. Dr. Zanin and a team of researchers from the Arizona State University… Read More

Hospice Bereavement Camps and Art Programming for Teens: Cultivating Hope through Art and Family Storytelling

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  Teenagers experience loss in unique ways and their expressions of grief do not always conform to adults’ expectations. In this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Stephanie Pangborn reflects on her work with teens coping with the loss of a loved one. From hospital bedsides to campfires, she explores the use of art and family… Read More

Post-partum Care, Baby Milestones, and Mothering: Historical and Contemporary Challenges

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The lifecycle of early motherhood is characterized by challenges including infertility, baby loss, post-partum depression, and gaps in healthcare. On this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Maggie Quinlan and Bethany Johnson historically frame these challenges often intensified by social media. Quinlan and Johnson are award-winning teachers and researchers at the University of North Carolina at… Read More

Collaborative Art as Social Justice: Building Inclusive Communities for Individuals with Developmental Differences

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Sheltered workshops refer to rehabilitative and vocational programs for individuals with developmental differences. On this episode of Defining Moments, Patty Mitchell and Susan Dlouhy reflect on their efforts to revolutionize sheltered workshops through the Creative Abundance Model. This model relies on collaborative art programming to foster self-expression, create employment opportunities, and build inclusive communities. Patty… Read More

Telemedicine: Catalyzing Cancer Care with Virtual Visits

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Virtual visits can increase access to specialized medicine without overburdening care providers. On this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Pete Anderson reflects on his use of telemedicine to develop therapeutic alliances with cancer patients and families. Dr. Anderson is an oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic Pediatrics Institute, and a professor at the Lerner College of… Read More

Cancer Survivorship: Acknowledging the Long-Term and Late Effects of Treatment

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Scientific advancements in the detection and treatment of cancer have improved survival rates. Even so, long term survivors of cancer face emotional, physical, and cognitive challenges in the aftermath of treatment. On this episode of Defining Moments, Dr. Laura Ellingson shares her personal story of cancer survivorship and how it informs her work with the… Read More