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“Defining Moments” Podcast Returns to WOUB Public Media for Season 2

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Humans tell stories to make sense of birthing and dying and everything in between. Defining Moments Podcast showcases stories about living well in the midst of inescapable illness, suffering, and hardship.

Season 2, which begins Monday, May 25, features an eclectic group of guests who share moments of uncertainty, innovation, and resilience.

Host Dr. Lynn Harter draws on 20 years of experience in health contexts to spark conversations that move between personal anecdotes and societal health challenges including food hardship, mental illness, opioid use and abuse, racial health inequalities, cancer care and other complex chronic conditions.

“The Defining Moments Podcast disrupts the silence that too often surrounds vulnerability, and allows narrators and audiences to imagine new normals,” says Dr. Harter.

Episodes are accompanied by articles published in the journal “Health Communication” and other online resources.

Listen to the Season 2 preview here :

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