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TIME Washington Correspondent previews the upcoming mid-term elections

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Philip Elliott, Washington Correspondent for TIME, says the mid-term elections have become a toss-up as to whether the Democrats will lose power in both the House and the Senate.


He explains that across the nation surprise Democratic wins in special elections, the rise in President Joseph Biden’s popularity, and the abortion issue have turned the tides from a sure Republican victory in November to races that have become much closer.


Elliott, the author of TIME’s newsletter “The D.C. Brief”, spent August traveling the country to feel the pulse of real voters in the heartland. Two issues stood out above all others, he says.


The reversal of Roe v. Wade has put abortion front and center as the primary issue followed closely by people fearing for democracy and the stability of our country.


Elliott notes that the abortion issue is expected to bring Republican, Independent, and Democratic voters to the polls to express anger over women’s reproductive rights being eroded.


He also noted that other groups fear future curtailment of rights such as interracial marriage, same-sex marriage, minority rights and voting rights for minority groups. He says these fears are expected to bring people out to vote.


Elliott also notes that there are some fringe Republican candidates in important races especially for the Senate. These candidates have been hand-picked by former President Donald Trump. Elliott notes that it may give Democrats an advantage in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.


However, he expects all races to tighten between now and election day in November and that any of the hotly contested Senate races could flip Republican at the last minute.


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