WOUB Senior Spotlight: Brenna Nye

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Brenna Nye has accepted a full-time position as a multimedia journalist at 13ABC in Toledo, Ohio

Brenna Nye, a senior at Ohio University studying journalism news and information, has accepted a multimedia journalist job at a news station in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. She is currently an anchor/reporter for WOUB’s NewsWatch. Her passion for journalism started in high school when she watched the news because she liked to be informed about what was going on.

“I think it’s nice being in the center of the information,” said Nye. “In high school, I did my own game show. That was kind of like my dip into being a reporter to a point. It helped me with my video editing skills, being on camera, and being comfortable with on-the-spot interviews.”

Nye chose Ohio University because of its journalism program and the exposure she would get by working at WOUB. She was familiar with Ohio University because her parents were alumni, and she would visit the campus as a child.

“When I opened the acceptance letter from Ohio University, I cried,” said Nye. “That was kind of like my body’s way of telling me, Ohio University was where I needed to be.”

Nye was first introduced to WOUB during a welcome event her freshmen year of college. She got a tour of the workspace and studio and loved it. She was excited for the hands-on experience because being on television was something she knew she wanted to do. Joining WOUB helped Nye grow as a journalist.

“I recently watched the first time I anchored a newscast and then watched the most recent time I anchored, and there’s so much of a difference,” said Nye. “WOUB has made me feel comfortable with being on TV and has taught me how to recover from any kind of mishap I may have.”

While at WOUB, Nye has gained connections and skills that she says she will use during her entire career. This past summer, she interned at 13ABC in Toledo, Ohio. It’s the place she will be working full-time after graduation.

“The internship set me up for my full-time job. I’m just so excited to be moving back home and getting to serve and tell the stories of the people in the community where I grew up. It’s a place that I hold so close to my heart,” said Nye.

Nye is grateful for the opportunities she has had while at Ohio University. She has dealt with some personal challenges while in college, but she’s happy she didn’t let them stop her from achieving her goals.

“There were so many things over the years that pulled me back closer to home and so many instances I could’ve used as an excuse to move back, but I never did,” said Nye. “There must have been something in my subconscious telling me to stay and tough it out. I’m so glad that I did because I don’t think I’d be the journalist that I am today.”

Outside of journalism, Nye loves solving puzzles and collecting anything cactus related.