West Muskingum Tornadoes take off against Philo Electrics

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WEST MUSKINGUM, Ohio (WOUB) — The Philo Electrics took off to West Muskingum to take on the Tornadoes. Both teams held a good record, with the Tornadoes having a record of 3-1 and the Electrics holding an undefeated record of 4-0. This was a crucial game for both teams. 

 These two teams came to win, starting off the game running. West Muskingum kicked off the game with a six-yard rushing touchdown from Carter Winland, putting the Tornadoes up 7-0 halfway through the first quarter.

Both teams were holding each other to short drives, with the defenses showing out. In the second quarter, Tornadoes’ quarterback Jake Anton threw a pick to the Electrics’ Seth Henning, who had a big game for Philo. The first half ended with a score of 7-0 West Muskingum. 

 These teams came back from the half ready to go. Philo came back and you could tell they really wanted a touchdown, with many close attempts, but West Muskingum kept holding them back from the endzone. The score stayed 7-0 throughout the entire third quarter and the first half of the fourth. Both teams in the second half were keeping each other within the twenty-yard lines.  

 With 6:55 left in the fourth, West Muskingum had the ball before handing it off to Rashid SeSay for a two-yard untouched touchdown, setting the score to 14-0 Tornadoes. However, Rashid SeSay and the Tornadoes were not done yet, keeping the Electrics away from the red zone. West Muskingum got the ball back and passed it off to Rashid SeSay again once right outside  the endzone for a quick one-yard free-for-all push home for six. The Tornadoes put the extra point right between the goalposts for a final score of 21-0 West Muskingum Tornadoes.