Cadets shut out Waterford in rivalry win to end regular season.

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WATERFORD, Ohio (WOUB)-  The rivalry matchup between the Fort Frye Cadets and the Waterford Wildcats has always been special to the schools as every year the game is fought. Things were no different on this Friday night for both teams final regular season game. 

Defense was a factor for the night, both teams each weren’t letting a touchdown go. The Wildcats were putting pressure towards the Cadets on offense early with big passes from the Freshman quarterback Hayden Jones getting to redzone, though would have pick by the other quarterback Sebastian Huck to answer toward the pressure. 

The Cadets, however, made this game matter in the second half as their effective defense for the night came back to favor them. The next two drives ended in a positive result with a field goal by Tytan Waller, and after another interception, the Cadets were able to punch it into the endzone with a five-yard touchdown by Clayton Miller.

Interceptions for the Wildcats became the problem for Waterford and there passing game would be their downfall going forward. Meanwhile, Fort Frye was able to use time management effectively and ended up having a huge 80-yard pass by Braden Morganstern to put them up by 16.

This was all enough, as the Cadets were successful in rivalry game once again with the 16-0 victory.

Sebastian Huck was a machine on both sides of the ball. As a quarterback, he had 183 passing yards with one touchdown. On defense, he picked up two sacks and an interception. 

Bryndan Riddle performed well on defense as he picked up three interceptions for the Cadets. 

Both seasons  are not over for the Wildcats or the Cadets as they are both expected to host the first round of the playoffs as the announcement of the seeding waits for the schools. Head Coach of Fort Frye, Eric Huck says that now they need to increase the intensity as they move on to the playoffs. 

“We were shocked at the energy they brought,” Huck said. “We need to start with that same intensity. It’s going to be like that in the playoffs, everyone in the playoffs is going to give you your best shot. It’s either win or go home.”