Here are the unofficial 2023 General Election results for Monroe County

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MONROE COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – Here are the unofficial results for contested races and local issues in Monroe County. 

Douglas J. Wagner earned the position of Mayor of Clarington Village with 57.30% of the vote. Dave Biggs earned 42.70% of the vote. 

Dale W. Rothenbuhler, Jr. earned a position as Adams Township’s Trustee with 50.79% of the vote. Jerry L. McClellan earned 49.21% of the vote. 

Brenda Roberts earned a position as Adams Township’s Fiscal Officer with 64.09% of the vote. Stacie Rothenbuhler learned 35.91% of the vote.  

Don Smith earned a position as Benton Township’s Trustee with 54.29% of the vote. Jacob Beaver earned 45.71% of the vote.  

Debra Lynn Hensel earned a position as Benton Township’s Fiscal Officer with 57.14% of the vote. Felicia Pittman earned 42.86% of the vote. 

Nicholas O. Sims earned a position as Franklin Township’s Trustee with 61.06% of the vote. Michael Bryan McConnell earned 38.94% of the vote. 

Albert Clutter earned a position as Jackson Township’s Trustee with 55.10% of the vote. Arthur Todd Williams earned 44.90% of the vote. 

Pat Martie earned a position as Lee Township’s Trustee with 28.25% of the vote. Larry D. Stewart earned 25% of the vote. Ezria Miller earned 24.68% of the vote. Brad Boggs earned 22.08% of the vote.  

Kevin Dennis earned a position as Ohio Township’s Trustee with 71.13% of the vote. Joseph Eggleston earned 28.87% of the vote. 

Michael E. Brown earned a position as Perry Township’s Trustee with 66.67% of the vote. Jeremiah Cody Riggenbach earned 33.33% of the vote. 

Missy Hartshorn earned a position as Summit Township’s Fiscal Officer with 67.69% of the vote. Sharon K. Scott earned 32.31% of the vote. 

Ted Bier earned a position as Sunsbury Township’s Trustee with 50.69% of the vote. Bryan K. Perkins earned 49.31% of the vote. 

Anna Jones earned a position as Sunsbury Township’s Fiscal Officer with 61.08% of the vote. Connie Kress earned 38.92% of the vote. 

Guy M. Carpenter earned a position as a member of the Noble Local SD Board of Education with 24.74% of the vote. Constance Archer earned 18.56% of the vote. James H. Parks, III earned 16.49% of the vote. Scott A. Sills earned 14.43% of the vote. Dana Hill earned 11.34% of the vote. Lori McElroy earned 9.28% of the vote. Frank Miller earned 5.15% of the vote. 

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