Here are the unofficial 2023 General Election results for Morgan County

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – Here are the unofficial results for contested races and local issues in Morgan County.

John W. Finley earned a position as McConnelsville mayor with 53.2% of the vote. Tim Bragg earned  46.8% of the vote. 

Donna Dixon earned a position as Stockport mayor with 56.4% of the vote. Jackie G. Oliver Jr. earned 43.6% of the vote. 

Eric H. W. Ball earned a position as Bristol Township trustee with 65.5% of the vote. Duane Allen Dingey earned 34.5% of the vote. 

Colby Shuster earned a position as Manchester Township trustee with 60% of the vote. Craig A. Clark earned 40% of the vote. 

Thomas E. Brothers earned a position as Center Township trustee with 52.6% of the vote. Donnie Long earned 47.4% of the vote. 

Justin Dale Holland earned a position as Malta Township trustee with 51.3% of the vote. Patrick W. Winner earned 48.7% of the vote. 

Richard Keith Mayle earned a position as Marion Township trustee with 58.6% of the vote. Darrin Carpenter earned 41.4% of the vote. 

Shelby A. Clark earned a position as Manchester Township fiscal officer with 51.7% of the vote. Darlene Cain earned 48.3% of the vote. 

Barbara Greuey earned a position as Malta Township fiscal officer with 56.7% of the vote. Rita D. Murphy earned 23.1% of the vote. Melinda Racer earned 20.2% of the vote.

Mary A. Woodward earned a position as Morgan Township fiscal officer with 30.7% of the vote. Penny Smith earned 26.0% of the vote. Kimberly J. DellaMaggiore 22.4% of the vote. Penny King earned 20.9% of the vote. 

Jennifer Jaye Scott earned a position as Penn Township fiscal officer with 53.1% of the vote. Margaret L. Haines earned 46.9% of the vote.

David Owen and Kayla Simons earned a position as Trimble LSD Board of Education Trimble Local with 43.75% and 37.5% of the vote. David Alex Jajczyk earned 18.75% of the vote. 

Lynne Genter and Daniel Torrence earned a position as Federal Hocking LSD Board of Education both receiving 27.7% of the vote. Lenny Leigh and Crystal I. Bolin both received 22.22% of the vote.

Bryon K. Griffin and Emily Bellville earned a position as Morgan LSD Board of Education with 32.56% and 29.84% of the vote. Brenda S. Junn earned 21.04% of the vote. Mary Pat Hanson earned 16.56% of the vote. 

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