Here are the unofficial 2023 General Election results for Scioto County

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SCIOTO COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – Here are the unofficial results for contested races and local issues in Scioto County.

Shelly Ralstin Tackett earned a position as Brush Creek Fiscal Officer with 75.42% of the vote. Tabitha R. Webb earned 24.58% of the vote.

Tyler Seibert earned a position as Harrison Township Trustee with 75.56% of the vote. Tanner Lambert earned 24.44% of the vote.

Jason Throckmorton earned a position as Morgan Township with 54.61% of the vote. Missy Horn earned 22.24% of the vote, Stephanie G. Phipps earned 17.54% of the vote, and Eddie Stillwell earned 5.6% of the vote.

Buddy Earl Swords Jr. earned a position as Nile Township Trustee with 59.86% of the vote. Paul Stevens earned 21.54% of the vote, and Kyle W. Call earned 18.6% of the vote.

Everett Hatfield earned a position as Porter Township Trustee with 64.7% of the vote. Russ Porter earned 35.3% of the vote.

Jarrod Montavon earned a position as Rush Township Trustee with 51% of the vote. John Howard earned 49% of the vote.

Tonya Allen earned a position as Rush Township Fiscal officer with 45.3% of the vote. Jill Springs earned 31.3% of the vote, and Lloyd W. Eichenlaub earned 23.3% of the vote.

Rick Cartee earned a position as Vernon Township Trustee with 57.45% of the vote. Don Gleim Jr. earned 42.55% of the vote.

Harveena Fenton and Missy Smith earned positions as Bloom Vernon School District board members with 35.5% and 33% of the vote, respectively. Rhonda Rose earned 31.1% of the vote.

Jared Lute and Barbara Montgomery earned positions as Northwest School District board members with 41.22% and 30.36% of the vote, respectively. Nicholas Kingrey earned 28.41% of the vote.

Rebecca Kalb and Tom Walker earned positions as Portsmouth City School District board members with 17.72% and 16.84% of the vote, respectively. John Walker earned 14.62% of the vote, Charis L. Davis earned 12.51% of the vote, Nathan Prosch earned 11.27% of the vote, Jennifer Charles earned 8.46% of the vote, and John Tomlin earned 8.44% of the vote.

Cheryl Shaw and Jeff Cutler earned positions as Scioto Valley School District board members with 36.4% and 36.4% of the vote, respectively. Larry Spencer earned 18.2% of the vote, and Jeremy Daniel Hamm earned 9% of the vote.

David E. Flowers, Troy Gahm, and Susan Sammons earned positions as Valley School District board members with 24.85%, 23.1%, and 20.83% of the vote, respectively. Kevin Gahm earned 17.21% of the vote, and Wes Martin earned 14.02%.

Rick Estep and Scott Jolly earned positions as Wheelersburg School District board members with 34.16% and 33.42% of the vote, respectively. Donna Cunningham received 32.42% of the vote.

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