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WOUB Senior Spotlight: Ethan Sargeant

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By Kae Walther

ATHENS, OH – Ethan Sargeant, an Honors Tutorial College student studying journalism from Long Island, New York, says he found a home at Ohio University. His parents, Abbe and Russell, are both Bobcats, and Ethan says that graduating this May will be a full circle moment for him and his family.

“When I toured here, I really thought to myself, ‘I want to be someone here,’” he said. “I was able to get unique opportunities from day one, and I’ve been able to do so much in such little time.”

Sargeant got involved at WOUB in March of 2021. He has worked on NewsWatch, The Bobcat Sports Showcase, Hardwood Heroes, and Gridiron Glory. And currently, Sargeant is working on a long-form project with WOUB Producer/Director Chris Flanery that includes the story of Joe Burrow and the impact that Burrow has had on Athens as a whole.

“I can’t thank the Burrows enough; they were super kind and super awesome.” Sargeant says this project is expected to be released in late April.

Sargeant, affectionately referred to as “Sarge” by his friends, says that he has made some of his best memories and has met some of the best people at Ohio University. Some of his favorite times on campus include watching the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championship, as well as a lot of other Ohio University sporting events with friends.

“I remember calling my dad after the [Bengals] game, since he’s the reason I’m a Bengals fan even though I’m from New York,” he remembers.

When “Sarge” reflected on what advice to give to incoming freshmen, both at WOUB and Ohio University in general, he said “just do stuff.”

“It might be scary, it might be intimidating, and it might very well be tough,” Sargeant started, “But you never want to look back and say, ‘Man, I wish I did that.’” He says that he is privileged to have known everyone at WOUB and worked with them for so long.

Sargeant’s friends and family have been very important to him during his college journey. He says he does not believe he would be where he is today without his family, nor would he have his love of sports without his dad.

As Sarge moves on from Ohio University, he says that he is taking the job search one step at a time. He is very grateful for the opportunities presented to him from WOUB, such as the incredibly valuable feedback he has received during the WOUB Job Connection Program Interviews with media recruiters on campus. Sargeant is also very thankful for the special bonds that WOUB gave him with the alumni connections he has been able to make.

“With the Job Connection interviews, it’s a spark of memory for media recruiters because they know more about you than just being a piece of paper,” he advises. “It’s also important to connect with alumni, I still play video games with some of the alumni to this day. I can’t wait to come back and connect with underclassmen one day.”

Outside of WOUB and academics, Sargeant admits that his whole life revolves around sports. He also says that he enjoys watching TV and playing video games with friends! As the weather gets warmer, he says he will take up a golfing class with friends. He also really enjoys listening to music and going to the gym.