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DIY Dog Beds and Dog Toys flier

DIY Dog Beds and Toys

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On February 1st, 2020, Athens Ohio MakerSpace and Friends of the Shelter Dogs will be hosting a class on how to create dog beds of any size out of reusable fabric and scraps! If you wish to make a dog bed, be sure to register for the class in advance at Dog beds are… Read More

A Biochar Kiln

Weld a Biochar Kiln

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Want to learn about making your own kiln for biochar? We will start the class by talking a little bit about what biochar is and how the kiln works. We will spend the rest of the class practicing the skills you will need to make one: cutting metal and welding. You will not each leave… Read More

An intermediate sewing apron

Intermediate Sewing Part I – Apron

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The first in a 2-part series for participants who have taken Beginning Sewing or have other basic sewing skills to take on the next step and develop their sewing finesse – while making a beautiful work apron! In this friendly 3-hour class, students will learn skills to create pockets and use bias tape as a… Read More


January Pod Meetup

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In case you hadn’t heard, in May 2019 we launched a Morsbag ‘Pod’ at Athens Makerspace. What is a Morsbag, you ask? An international movement known as Morsbags has formed ‘pods’ of sewists all over the world who meet up to sociably upcycle fabrics into reusable bags that are then given away for FREE! At… Read More

Basic electronics

Basic Electronics

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The first in a series, in this class participants will learn about the most common components: • Resistors • Capacitors • LEDs • Transistors • Inductors • Integrated Circuits This will include how they are used in a circuit, and shown put in use on a breadboard. Participants will also learn how to Use Ohms… Read More

Paper jewelry

Paper Jewelry

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Don’t throw away scraps of papers, old magazine and catalogs. Upcycle them and make wearable jewelry. Learn how to create necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets made from paper. Make your own unusual and biodegradable fashion statements. You will turn this 1-dimensional material into 3-dimensional jewelry art using bending, folding, crumbling, cutting and other techniques. Class… Read More

Someone operates a vintage sewing machine

Intro to Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration

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Intro to Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration will explore the history and mechanics of sewing machines and include a hands-on demonstration of cleaning and adjusting a single machine. This on-going event will feature a different model machine each time it is offered. Attendees do not need to attend classes in a set order. Check back to… Read More

A Beginning Sewing kit

Beginning Sewing

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Always wanted to learn how to sew? Come learn at Athens Makerspace in this friendly 3-hour class! This class is suitable for those who have never sewn anything, but when you leave, you will have the skills to take on more advanced projects, such as in our Intermediate Sewing Part I – Apron class. Students… Read More

Someone operates a welding machine

Intro to Welding

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This class is for anyone [18 and older] who wants to learn how to weld! In this class participants will learn different MIG weld techniques and basic troubleshooting of common welding problems. Participants are encouraged to learn from each other as well as the instructor. Participants should wear close-toed shoes, denim pants, and long sleeves…. Read More