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Trial For Suspect In Kane Roush Murder Case Postponed Due To Defense Team Turmoil

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POMEROY, Ohio (WOUB) – The trial for the murder of former high school football star Kane Roush set to take place next week has been postponed due to turmoil within the suspect’s defense team. 21-year-old Jaquan Hall was indicted in July on four counts relating to Roush’s death, including aggravated murder. The trial was initially… Read More

Jess Fritz laughs in a portrait at the Faerie Shrine, where she was married, at the Wisteria Event Site and Campground during the Summer Solstice 2021 festival, in Pomeroy, Ohio, on Thursday, June 17, 2021. "This is paradise on earth," said Fritz. "The more I've learned about it and the biodiversity here, I've realized it's a national treasure that people don't pay attention to." [Joseph Scheller | WOUB]

Appalachian Summer Solstice Celebrates Appalachian Heritage

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POMEROY, Ohio (WOUB) – This year’s celebration of the Appalachian Summer Solstice at Wisteria Event Site and Campground gave people the opportunity to take a short vacation from the hustle and bustle of life and return to their roots in nature. The four-day-long celebration featured nightly fires, live music, camping, and local food. But more than anything, it… Read More