Skaters Show Off Moves in Local Competition

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Skateboarders from around the country showed off their skills this weekend at the sixth Annual Wheels of Fire Competition in Athens.

Skaters competed against one another with the tricks that they have been perfecting for years.

“Most of the kids that are competing in the contest have been skating seriously, like almost daily, for at least a year,” said Tracy Kitts, competition volunteer and local skateboarder.

He added that skating becomes more than just a hobby, it becomes a lifestyle.

“Skating is more like something you really don’t have to have any rules. Something where you can just break free from the world,” said Genesis Williams, local skater and first-year competitor.

Williams said his favorite skateboarding trick is a 360-flip, one of the many moves popular among skaters. The winners of the competition scored points for utilizing the moves below.

  • Ollie: One foot in the middle of the board, one on the tail. Push the tail to the ground and jump.
  • Pop Shove-it: Start with an Ollie. Sweep the back foot to turn 180-degrees, catch the board with both feet and land.
  • Boardslide: Most basic grinding trick. Approach with a slight angle, do a 90 degree Ollie and land on the edge with the middle of the board.
  • Boneless: Gain speed, grab behind the front wheels, plant front foot on the ground and jump.
  • No Comply: Place back foot on tail and front food on nose. Slide front foot to ground and push down with back foot.  Jump with the front foot and land with it back on the board.
  • Kick Flip: Place back foot on the tail and front foot angled behind the front truck bolts. Begin an Ollie but flick right foot to side. After the board flips catch it with both feet.
  • Finger Flip: Place back foot on tail and front foot in middle. Begin an Ollie then grab the nose of the board and flip it.