It’s A Vintage Food Flashback

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Are you struggling for a fresh idea on what to serve for dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow?  Well, why don’t we step back in time and see what’s cookin’!

Of all the fabulous wholesome food my Grandma made for us, the vitamins and supplements, the homemade whole wheat bread, fresh cow’s milk…I must confess that two of her favorite staples were SPAM and Dinty Moore Beef Stew.  After all this time, now that I’ve seen this ad, I know now that my Grandfather wasn’t a naturally jovial man – IT WAS THE SPAM! 


Are you frustrated with the price of food these days?  Has it become cumbersome deciding on which restaurant to head out to that will appease every member of your family?  Fret no more…gaze at this image…watch out though the “TABLES FOR LADIES” might just be where it’s decided which evening to serve SPAM.






I do believe that the presentation of a dish does contribute to its appeal to the palate. However, in this Mount Vesuvius of frankfurters the appeal may be only in the construction. 


Photos courtesy of Vintage Penny Lane and Mr. Tom Hodson