Local Fire Department Gets Rescue Boat

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With the help of donations and determination, the Glouster Fire Department has a new tool to help those who get stranded in water.

About a week ago, the department received a new Saturn rubber boat to replace another boat that was in need of repairs, according to Assistant Fire Chief Bob Funk.

"This one has more capacity to hold people and the other boat we had came apart at the seam, so we weren't sure whether we could repair it," Funk said.

The department purchased materials to repair the old boat, but they say they are glad to have the new one, which can hold up to six people, to supplement.

"We'll use it for rescue missions like we had to when the last flood happened," Funk said. "When people are stranded in their houses from floods or trapped in a car, we'll be able to get to them."

The boat was purchased for $1,800, partially through funds from the department but also through donations from the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Department and the Loyal Order of the Moose in Glouster.