Board Includes OU President And First Lady In One Percent Raise Pool

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The Ohio University Board of Trustees has decided to include the university president and first lady in a one percent additional raise pool for faculty and staff.

The board approved the move Friday.

In September the university announced the one percent raise pool for faculty and staff after the university fulfilled its enrollment goals.  This was in addition to the two percent raise granted earlier to staff.

According to the university the new raise will be based on McDavis’ 2012-2013 salary of $415,000. He will receive an additional $4,150. That amount coupled with the 2.89 percent pay raise the Trustees approved in August will bring his salary to $431,150. 

Mrs. McDavis will receive an additional $300 bringing her salary to $31,200.

The president and first lady will receive the salary increase as part of the process for faculty and staff.  The university expects to implement the salary increase at the end of the fall semester.

The raises are retroactive to July 1, 2013.