The Great British Baking Show Recipes

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Do you have the Great British Baking Show fever? The PBS show has swept the country and incited a fascination and love for British recipes. In the show you not only hear the fabulous accents and fun banter between hosts, you are exposed to food completely unfamiliar. Thanks PBS Food, we can share some of these interesting recipes. And, if you haven’t seen The Great British Baking Show, the show airs on WOUB-TV Fridays at 9 p.m. Find additional recipes at this link.

** In these recipes you’ll find some different measuring requests. Here’s a conversion chart.


CiabattaCiabatta has made its rounds in the U.S. over the last few years. The chewy, yet crunchy bread makes a great sandwich. I’ve never considered actually baking it myself. (I guess I just think the bread fairy does it!). But, if you want to be a little creative, here’s the recipe.



Tea Time Scones

sconesWell, you can’t have British recipes without have the typical tea time scones. This recipe is pretty simple, and would be quite lovely with a sip of tea.





schichttorteOk, I’ll admit upfront that I have no idea how to pronounce this recipe. But, I know that it has some rockin’ ingredients. It’s a German cake with twenty layers, so what’s not to love?




Floating Islands with Spun Sugar

floating_islandWhile you’ve probably never eaten a floating island with spun sugar, you just can’t help but wonder how it might taste. I’m guessing light, sweet and delicious.




Sugar-Free Carrot Cake

carrot_cakeIf you love sugar, but have some dietary restrictions, this recipe may be perfect for you! With carrots, honey and lots of fruit, you’ll find a lot of flavor without added sugar.