College Republicans Protest Sarah Grace

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Eight Ohio University College Republicans protested state representative candidate Sarah Grace due to an alleged bank account discrepancy on Thursday afternoon.

The protest was sparked by reports of a $5,800 discrepancy that reportedly happened when Grace was the East Elementary Parent Teacher Organization treasurer. Athens City Schools superintendent Tom Gibbs said in a press release Friday “the discrepancies between the reports and the bank statements are largely accounted for by un-cleared deposits and debits.” He said the issue is resolved and there is nothing that needs to be reported to authorities at this time.

The OU College Republicans, however, said Grace was being untruthful. Protestors chanted things such as “Sarah’s a disgrace” and “show us the money.”

“We don’t want to make any assumptions. I don’t want to assume she stole this money, but maybe she did, or she’s just too incompetent to keep track of the money. Both of those I think qualify her unfit to represent the 94th District,” OU College Republican President David Parkhill said.

Grace’s campaign said they were unfazed by the protest. Campaign manager Nathan Cotton said he feels the College Republicans were protesting a non-issue.

“Our response is to go out and talk to people at their doors about those bigger issues, and not to focus on a local PTO issue that’s been just politically motivated and blown out of proportion,” he said.