Sarah Grace Loses Attempt at 94th District House State Representative Seat

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Democratic candidate for the 94th district Ohio House State Representative, Sarah Grace, lost to Republican candidate, Jay Edwards, in unofficial voting results Tuesday night.

Grace received 42 percent of the votes compared to Edwards 58 percent. But, just hours before the race was called, Grace was leading Edwards with an unofficial count of 54 percent of the votes in Athens County.

Grace’s campaign manager, Nathan Cotton, knew the race would be close, but he was expecting a win.

“As evidenced by early vote numbers things are looking good so far, but obviously Athens County is the biggest county, it’s where about half the votes are going to come from and that is going to come in last so I’m expecting it to be a close race,” Cotton said earlier Tuesday night.

Anthony Eliopoulos, Vice President of Ohio University Democrats said, “It definitely hurts, we worked  super hard to get her elected. I think she would have been a great voice for the city of Athens and the 94th district, but I really hope Jay works hard as I know Sarah would have.”

Grace said that she is thankful for all of  her loyal supporters and appreciates all of the help Ohio University Democrats contributed to her campaign.

“Thank you. My supporters have been fantastic. I’m so blessed to have everyone and for all of their hard work,” Grace said.

Despite the loss, Grace is looking forward to go back to her “normal” life as a mother, wife and local business owner.

“That is the great thing about elections, sometimes you lose, but you just have to keep coming to fight back next time,” Eliopoulos said.

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