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Unofficial 2020 Primary Results for Washington County

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WOUB) — Washington County will have two new commissioners next year after a little more that 27 percent of registered voters in the county cast ballots in Ohio’s extended Primary election.

Incumbent Republican County Commissioner David White was defeated by challenger James Booth, 3,966-3,076, according to unofficial final results. Booth will run in November against Democrat Cora Marshall for the commission term that begins January 2, 2021.

Meanwhile, incumbent Republican County Commissioner Ron Feathers was handily defeated by challenger Charles Schilling, 5,054-2,137. Schilling will run unopposed in November for the unexpired commission term that begins January 3, 2021 unless an independent candidate files.

In the other contested county race, Incumbent Republican Prosecutor Nicole Coli fended off challenger Amy Bean by securing 75.5 percent of the vote. She will run unopposed in November unless an independent candidate files.

Washington County Democrats resoundingly selected former Vice President Joe Biden to be the Democratic presidential nominee with 2,532 votes. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who dropped out of the race prior to Tuesday’s Primary, received the second-highest total of votes with 529. Of the remaining candidates on the ballot, only Sen. Elizabeth Warren received more than 100 votes, with 118.

You can get the details on the other races here: Washington County Board of Elections

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Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until the final official canvas is completed in three weeks.