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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Broadcast Transmission Supervisor Ken Cash

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Cash has worked at WOUB since October 2006

ATHENS, OH – WOUB Broadcast Transmission Supervisor Ken Cash has always been fascinated by how things work.

“My grandfather was always trying to invent better ways to make things work, and he was always happy to let me help him,” said Cash. “He taught me a lot about photography and taught me how to process film and print pictures in his home darkroom.  My interest in electronics began when he acquired a Reel-to-Reel tape recorder in 1959. I had never seen anything like it before, and he taught me how to operate it.  At that point I was hooked on electronics. I was curious about how it worked and spent most of my free time learning about it, and other things technical.”

After graduating from Zanesville High School, Cash enlisted in the United States Navy.  While there, he was enrolled in the Advanced Electronics Training Program. It was an intense two years of learning all aspects of electronics relevant to the Navy rating of “Electronics Technician.”

“I had a very successful career there and enjoyed every minute of it. However, I decided to leave the Navy after my enlistment term expired,” said Cash. “Upon returning home, I found employment at the radio/TV station in Zanesville. Prior to joining the Navy, I had worked there part time and felt that it would be a great place to continue learning. The experience I gained in 32 years at that station was priceless.”

Cash started working at WOUB in 2006.

“I really enjoy working at WOUB. I am most proud of being able to work with professionals that care about their job and the quality of the final product. I really enjoy the challenge of taking something that is broken and making it work again,” said Cash. “The pandemic has had an enormous impact on all of us.  With a goal of keeping the stations on the air, it is possible to monitor and control many of the sites remotely. However, sometimes equipment needs a helping hand in person. Fortunately, when this happens and a site visit is needed, the sites are away from the office and contact with others is minimal.”

Ken Cash House with Holiday lightsWhile Cash is pretty sure many of his co-workers know that he is a roller coaster enthusiast and calls himself “crazy nuts about riding roller coasters,” he also has another passion.

“I am not sure that many know about my current hobby of decorating my yard and house with animated lights synchronized to music during the holidays,” said Cash. “Many hours are spent building props and homemade lighting controllers and setting everything up each year. The real joy comes when everything is in place and it all works when you flip the switch.  Clark Griswold is not permitted near my stuff!”