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Why is the 2022 World Cup so controversial?

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (NewsHour) — As the 2022 Qatar World Cup kicks off, questions surrounding a global corruption scandal, $200 billion spent to build an entire city, seven stadiums and more continue to embroil the tournaments.

But these issues surrounding this World Cup, which is also the first in a Middle Eastern country, are not unique to Qatar, or even just soccer.

Roger Bennett, the Founder of Men in Blazers Media, and Sam Stejskal, who covers soccer for the Athletic, spoke to the PBS NewsHour to break down the concept of sportwashing and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Editor’s Note: As of Monday, Nov. 21, England’s captain Harry Kane did not wear a pride-themed captain’s armband, scrapping the plan after FIFA confirmed players would receive a yellow card if they did so. Kane took the field in England’s opening match in a FIFA approved “No Discrimination” armband. Other nations planning to wear the “One Love” pride armband have abandoned the plan as well.