WOUB Senior Spotlight: Taylor Mondragon

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Taylor Mondragon is currently a reporter and anchor for WOUB’s Newswatch

Taylor Mondragon, a journalism news and information major at Ohio University, didn’t always know she wanted to go into journalism. Mondragon is from Orland Park, Illinois, and was initially drawn to Ohio University when she auditioned for the musical theater program. However, she almost didn’t complete the audition. After long days of auditioning for programs at other schools, she was exhausted. Her mother encouraged her to do her last audition, and she is glad she did.

“I really liked the director because he had ideas for the program that I never heard of before,” Mondragon said. “I decided that it would be worth visiting the campus. When I walked onto College Green, I thought it was gorgeous. I loved the atmosphere, and it seemed like everyone actually cared.”

Mondragon started volunteering in the WOUB Newsroom just last year, and it was her internship with KCET, a PBS station in Southern California, that contributed to her wanting to get involved. Her internship focused on public relations and gave her a chance to experience a different type of journalism. Now that she’s involved with WOUB, she likes to tell stories viewers don’t see often.

“I try to find stories that are upbeat and will break up the monotony and sadness of a lot of the news that we see today,” Mondragon said. “My favorite stories are the ones that make people feel good or that are kind of goofy.”

Different life experiences have helped Mondragon make a smooth transition into journalism. Her mother used to have her write essays every week during summer vacation, which helped her develop strong writing skills. Her background in theater and being on the Speech and Debate Team at Ohio University help with her public speaking. Mondragon is using these skills in her work at WOUB.

“WOUB has immensely helped me because before I had no experience in TV journalism at all,” Mondragon said. “It helped me a lot with learning what all goes into it. My peers take on leadership roles, and I appreciate getting to take on those roles myself. That doesn’t really happen in many other environments where you as the student get to be in charge of it all.”

Outside of school, Mondragon helps her father with his non-alcoholic beer TikTok account. After graduating, she sees herself in a talk show environment telling upbeat stories.