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Melted Presents: Xiu Xiu

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After co-producing Melted Music Festival together, Stuart’s Opera House is partnering with Archie Fox Live again for MELTED presents: Xiu Xiu! Join us at Ace of Cups in Columbus, Ohio on September 24 for this show. Xiu Xiu is an American experimental band. For fans of Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Liars, Slint, Swans, etc. It could be… Read More

Coonskin Saturday in Amesville

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Coonskin Saturday in Amesville features local musicians, artists, gardeners and more. Starting at 5:00 pm in Gifford Park there will be vendors selling plants, food trucks and the Amesville Museum will be open. Then at 7:00 pm Steve Zarate will perform followed by a short movie at dark. Come enjoy the best of small town… Read More