Week 7 Power Rankings: TVC-Hocking

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1. Waterford Wildcats (6-1, 5-0)

Waterford is still on top for the power rankings this week. Braden Bellville and company are red hot coming into week eight bringing with them a 14-game winning streak against Tri-Valley Conference Hocking competition. The Wildcats boast an explosive offense but defensively they may be the best in the conference. Allowing only 11 points per game, they have yet to have an opponent score twice on them since their week four 30-12 victory over Trimble. The Wildcats are in control of their own destiny but they will have stiff competition this week when they travel to Racine to face Riley Roush and the Southern Tornadoes.

2. Trimble Tomcats (5-2, 4-1)

“Tomcat Pride” is all the buzz in Glouster as the Tomcats are on a three-game winning streak. Many people counted out the Trimble hopes to regain its title this year when news broke that they would be without Gary Brooks and Dominic Pickett. But Trimble believes in next man up and Quarterback Cam Kittle and Max Hooper have certainly stepped up in wins over powerful opponents, Southern and Miller. Firing on all cylinders, plus the edition of Tyler Roback, the Tomcats are one Waterford loss away from a share of the TVC-Hocking crown.

3. Miller Falcons (5-2, 3-2)

The Falcons really needed to win that Trimble game. So far that has been the story of their year: not performing in the big games. Falling short against Waterford and Trimble certainly weakens their chances of winning their first TVC-Hocking championship of the 21st century, but make no mistake the Falcons are primed for a playoff run. Seattle Compston and Zach Waldrop have helped put together a formidable defense that recorded its third shutout last week against Belpre. That defense will have to step up and stay healthy these next few weeks if the Falcons want to see week 11.

4. Southern Tornadoes (5-2, 3-2)

The Tornadoes are looking to bounce back after the Trimble loss this week to the No. 1 Waterford. Luckily for the Tornadoes, the last time I checked they have an offensive that can blow the barn doors off a defense at any time. Averaging 31 points a game, the three-headed monster of Logan Drummer, Dylan Smith and Riley Roush will pose an interesting threat to Waterford this Friday.

5. Belpre Golden Eagles (3-4, 3-3)

The Golden Eagles were grounded last week against Miller but they look to bounce back this week. Quarterback Brandon Simoniette looks to lead Belpre at home against Valley and hopes to kickstart a winning streak to end the year.

6. Wahama White Falcons (2-5, 2-3)

The White Falcons have been a thorn in the sides for the top teams in the division all year long. Taking Trimble and Southern to the brink of upset territory, Wahama has shown the ability to compete with some of the best the TVC has to offer. Christian Thomas and the White Falcons soared over the Eastern Eagles last Friday and they look to achieve a two-game winning streak for the first time since 2014 when the battle South Gallia this week.

7. Eastern Eagles (3-4, 2-3)

The Eagles looked primed to make some noise in the division after trouncing the South Gallia Rebels week five, but since then they’ve taken whuppins from the hands of Waterford and Wahama and look to be primed for another one when they hit the road this week to face the Tomcats.

8. South Gallia Rebels (2-5, 1-4)

The Rebels have been bleeding out defensively ever since losing star lineman Jeffery Sheets. The Rebels have had over 50 points dropped on them in consecutive weeks and playoff dreams are over for them.

9. Federal Hocking Lancers (0-7, 0-5)

It’s been a long, long time since the Lancers have had something good to cheer about but good times may be a coming. Freshman Quarterback Hunter Smith has the rocket arm needed to propel the Lancers upward in the future. Unfortunately for the Lancers, they are still at the bottom of the TVC-Hocking.