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Unofficial Election Results for Ross County

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Here are the unofficial results in Ross County for Ohio’s extended primary, according to the county Board of Elections. Only contested races are listed. 


For Democratic presidential nominee: Joseph Biden received 3,013 votes, Bernie Sanders received 544 votes, Michael Bloomberg received 151 votes, Elizabeth Warren received 82 votes, Michael Bennet received 12 votes, Pete Buttigieg received 48 votes, Tulsi Gabbard received 12 votes, Amy Klobuchar received 42 votes, Deval Patrick received 2 votes, and Tom Steyer received 19 votes. 

For the United States House of Representatives, 15th district: Joel Newby (D) received 673 votes and Daniel McArthur Kilgore (D) received 543 votes. Steve Stivers (R) received 1,466 votes and Shelby Xavier Hunt (R) received 211 votes.

For the United States House of Representatives, 2nd district (the Republican winner will face the Democratic winner in November): Jaime M. Castle (D) received 1,880 votes. Brad Wenstrup (R) received 1,756 votes and H. Robert Harris (R) received 244 votes.

For State Supreme Court Justice, term beginning Jan. 1, 2021: John P. O’Donnell (D) received 2,917 votes. Sharon L. Kennedy (R) received 3,123 votes. 

For State Supreme Court Justice, term beginning Jan. 2, 2021: Jennifer Brunner (D) received 3,018 votes. Judi French (R) received 3,002 votes. 

Chillicothe and Ross County public library current expenses levy renewal, 1.5 mills: 5,555 votes yes, 2,386 votes no. 

Franklin Township current expenses levy replacement and decrease, 5 mills:  111 votes yes, 70 votes no. 



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