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Laser Engraved Ornament

Laser Engrave an Ornament

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Come learn the basics of operating our laser engraver! Class takers will make and take two different ornaments that each demonstrate different possible ways of using the laser to achieve different effects: 3D ornaments and relief ornaments using different local woods to create depth. If you like you can bring your own designs, but they… Read More

A drawing of a brain

WATCH: The Ethical Implications of Mind-Machine Meld

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The fast-moving development of brain-machine interfaces got a boost when Elon Musk announced the work for Neuralink, his new company devoted to implantable devices to enhance cognition and better marry our brains with super-computing. His competitor, fellow tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson of Kernel, weighs in on why he thinks advancing cognition can solve all the… Read More

A person welds

Intro to Welding

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This class is for anyone [18 and older] who wants to learn how to weld! In this class participants will learn different weld techniques and basic troubleshooting of common welding problems. Participants are encouraged to learn from each other as well as the instructor. Participants should wear close-toed shoes, denim pants, and long sleeves. Hair… Read More

3D printed jewelry

Simply 3D Printed Jewelry and More!

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Come on out on Small Business Saturday and learn to design and 3D print your own jewelry and holiday memorabilia! No complicated CAD programs skills necessary. Learn tips and tricks of 3D printing. Bring your creativity, laptop, your basic computer skills and have fun in this class! The class will work as follows: You can… Read More