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An X-ray image of an Appalachian coal miner with black lung lesions.

As Congressional Panel Focuses On Black Lung, UMW Urges Stronger Health Protections

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As Congress hears testimony on the epidemic of black lung disease among Appalachian miners, two labor leaders are calling on Congress and regulators to do more to protect miners. In a letter to the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA, the United Mine Workers of America and the United Steel Workers of America urged… Read More

The Ohio House in voting session

House Approves Treatment Instead of Conviction Bill

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The Ohio House has overwhelmingly passed a bill giving courts options to divert those charged with drug crimes away from prison and into treatment programs. The bill, labeled as House Bill 1 to indicate its priority, would expand access to programs for non-violent drug offenders for treatment instead of conviction or prison, and to allow for sealing… Read More