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Security Gaffes in the White House Cause Intelligence Expert Grave Concern

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The way President Trump is dismissive of “intelligence briefings” and makes disclosure decisions without prior consultation with intelligence experts causes grave concern to a long time security veteran. Recently, the news has focused on security gaffes in the White House. Some reports have said that President Trump gave the Russians intelligence information that was classified… Read More

Syrian War Crime Cases Prepped by US Attorney David Crane

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World-renowned international lawyer and national security expert David Crane is heading the Syria Accountability Project to hold Syrian governmental and faction leaders accountable for thousands of verified war crimes. He and his group are building war crime cases and trial packages against Syrian government and faction leaders. To date, Crane’s group has verified over 8,000… Read More

Poor Black Women Are Not Valued by Politics, Courts & Media Says VICE Editor

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It is Will Cooper’s firm belief that the American judicial system doesn’t value the lives of poor black women and therefore, their stories of abuse, deprivation and courage are seldom told by mainstream media. Their conditions are ignored by politicians, he argues. If their stories are told, Cooper contends that mainstream media “sanitizes” the stories… Read More

The Real Meaning of Trump’s Climate Change Orders – In Plain Language

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In this special edition, Spectrum breaks down the Trump Administration’s recent actions against climate change into plain English that everyone can understand. To help us with that, we are assisted by Dr. Geoffrey Dabelko, Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies Program at the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio… Read More

African Americans are Portrayed Badly by Mainstream Media, Says Researcher

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Researcher and former photojournalist Danielle Kilgo asserts that African Americans are negatively stereotyped by the mainstream media – especially in photos and video. Danielle Kilgo is receiving her doctorate from the University of Texas-Austin and next fall will start teaching in The Media School at Indiana University. She has been part of a research team… Read More