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Cyber Attacks are Part of Putin’s Overall Arsenal says Russia Expert

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What Russia may lack in modern traditional military assets, it more than compensates through its ability to wage tactical cyberattacks and ultimately the potential for cyberwarfare. That’s the opinion of Dr. Steven Miner, professor and Director of the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University. Russia’s military hardware is deteriorating and the Russian economy is not… Read More

Immigration Passions Run High as Trump Administration Addresses Issues

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Passions can run high with immigration issues. Some Americans embrace immigration and immigrants as being the backbone of the United States. While with others, immigration is seen as problematic and even frightening and a threat to America. Although often we, as Americans, see immigration issues as simplistic black and white issues, but instead, according to… Read More

Trump’s Foreign Policy is “Chaotic, Amorphous and Unprofessional” Says Expert

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American foreign policy under the Trump Administration currently is “chaotic, amorphous, and …unprofessional,” according to Ambassador Reuben Brigety, dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. Ambassador Brigety expresses to Spectrum podcast that he is concerned about the huge number of important positions in the State Department that are not yet… Read More

Leaks & Anonymous Sources Dominate Coverage of Trump/Russia Investigations

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During the scramble to be the first and provide the best possible coverage of the ongoing Trump/Russia investigations, credible news organizations have published numerous stories based upon “leaks” from sources who are listed as “anonymous” or described without using their names or titles. Some Administration officials decry “leakers” and infer that they are not credible… Read More

Storytelling is the Backbone of Advertising Regardless the Delivery System

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Authenticity and great storytelling combine to form the backbone of good advertising, according to advertising expert Chuck Borghese. Borghese is an award-winning veteran of the creative side of advertising having spent nearly four decades in the business and charting its changes over time. He notes that in the days of Mad Men advertising executives, up… Read More